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Welcome to the place where we look at the Best OCR Software and help you choose the right software to meet your needs. Confused about what OCR (optical character recognition) software is? Want to know what the best selling software is? These are just some of the helpful things you'll find here.


What is OCR Software?

OCR stands for “optical character recognition.” OCR software simply takes scanned images or PDFs of typed, printed, or handwritten text and transforms them into text that can be digitally stored, edited, and manipulated.

For example, if you scanned a printed piece of paper into your computer, you would only have an image of that document. This means you couldn’t open it up in a popular program like Microsoft Word to edit the text. In order to do this, you would need to use OCR software to read the text in that image and output into a document you could edit.

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People who use OCR software typically want to store these printed and handwritten documents in a digital format that allows them to be able to go through and search for text, edit it, and transform the document. OCR allows you to do this.

OCR software works by recognizing patterns in printed and handwritten text. Some OCR programs require you to calibrate them to learn these patterns, however good OCR software is equipped to recognize different fonts with near perfect accuracy and in over a hundred different languages.

Some very popular OCR software solutions available are OmniPage 17 and Abbyy FineReader Express. The most basic versions of these pieces of software will allow you to take a scanned image and transform it into editable text. OmniPage even allows you to take a PDF and transform it into editable text. Unfortunately, Abbyy FineReader Express does not. However, Abbyy FineReader Professional does.

If you are a business and need a bit more power, you might want to consider look at OmniPage 17 Professional and Abbyy FineReader Professional. These programs allow you to do batch processing and more automation to allow you to handle a larger quantity of documents.

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