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Convert PDF to Text

Convert PDF to TextDo you want to be able to convert a PDF to editable text? We’re going to learn how we can do this.

You probably have already realized that you can’t edit a document that has been exported into a PDF format. The PDF file format was created in 1993 to provide a document format that you can exchange between computers regardless of software, hardware, and operating system. In order to do this, a PDF document must be a “flat” file that excludes any formatting that can be edited.

Depending on how some PDF files are exported, sometimes you can select text within the PDF and copy and paste it to another document. The only problem is that when you do this none of the formatting of the original PDF file is kept intact.

There Is a Solution

PDF Converter 7The only way to convert a PDF document into an editable format is to use PDF conversion software like Nuance’s PDF Converter or OCR software like OmniPage 17 or Abbyy FineReader Professional.

OCR stands for “optical character recognition.” Simply put, OCR software takes a PDF file or a scanned image and extracts the text and formatting from that document and converts it into a document you can edit and change around.

A good OCR software solution will allow you to keep the original formatting of the PDF file intact and it will give you a 99.9% accuracy rate. One example of software that can do this is the above mentioned OmniPage 17.

OCR software not only gives you the ability to convert PDF files but also gives you the ability to convert scanned images of printed or handwritten documents.

Don’t Forget To Do This

You have to be sure that you look at the technical specs of OCR software to make sure they can convert PDF files. For example, Abbyy FineReader Express, although it is an excellent entry-level OCR program, PDF conversion is not enabled unless you get Abbyy FineReader Professional. Unfortunately, FineReader Professional is quite expensive since it’s designed for business users. Because of this, you want to look at OmniPage 17 which is in a similar price range to FineReader Express.

If You Represent a Business or Organization

For business users, it’s worth taking a look at FineReader Professional and OmniPage 17 Professional. Not only do you get PDF conversion, but you also get automated batch processing, which comes quite in handy if you are converting a large quantity of documents.

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