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Welcome to the place where we look at the Best OCR Software and help you choose the right software to meet your needs. Confused about what OCR (optical character recognition) software is? Want to know what the best selling software is? These are just some of the helpful things you'll find here.

Best OCR Software

You’ve come to the right place. First, let’s make sure we’re clear on what OCR software is. Secondly, let’s take a look at some of the most popular OCR software solutions available that would best fit your needs.

What is OCR Software?

OCR stands for “optical character recognition.” In the most simple way, OCR software takes an image or PDF with text in it and transforms that image into editable text. So, if you had really important paper or form, you could scan this document with a scanner, and then use OCR software to take this scanned document and make it an editable document.

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People who use OCR software might want to store digital copies of important documents or they just might want to be able to take a printed document and be able to edit it on their computer. Whatever your goals are, for personal use or business, there is a solution available for you.

The Most Popular OCR Software Available

Here are a few of the most popular document conversion and OCR software available used by individuals and businesses.

Nuance OmniPage (Recommended)

Nuance, the creators of OmniPage, claim it to be “the most powerful & accurate OCR software ever” at a 99.9% accuracy rate in 123 different languages.

OmniPage comes in two versions: OmniPage and OmniPage Professional. OmniPage is designed with the individual or small business user in mind who needs superior document conversion without the extras.

OmniPage Professional is geared towards businesses and organizations who need the power of automated batch processing and complete forms processing that you don’t get with OmniPage.

OmniPage Professional 17

Perfect for businesses and organizations who need the best accuracy and the extra power.

  • Automatically batch convert files.
  • Monitor, recognize, convert files from incoming e-mail.
  • Archive documents directly into Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Includes PaperPort 11 and PDF Create.

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OmniPage 17

The best choice for individual or small business users who need power and accuracy at a cheaper price.

  • Accurate conversions in 123 languages.
  • Complete formatting control.
  • Recognition of forms, text, tables, graphics, and images.
  • Convert to Amazon Kindle format.

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Abbyy FineReader

Abbyy FineReader also comes in a couple different versions including Abbyy FineReader Express, Professional, and Corporate.

FineReader Express will be the cheapest ($49), but also your most basic and stripped down of the three. It’s great for scanning in images of documents and turning them into editable text. Unlike the basic version of OmniPage 17, you aren’t able to convert a PDF into editable text unless you have the Professional ($399) or Corporate ($599) version.

As you would expect, the professional and corporate versions also support hyper-threading which processes your conversions much more quickly. However, only in the corporate version are you able to install and distribute it over a network of computers and workstations.

What About OCR Software for Mac Users?

Sadly, Nuance doesn’t offer a Mac version of their standard and much cheaper OmniPage 17. They only offer OmniPage Professional X for Mac ($499). However, Abbyy does offer FineReader Express for Mac, which is significantly cheaper at $99, and actually took the winning award at Macworld 2010 for “Best Professional Software.”